Revolutionising AI solutions

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The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly taking hold across the global business. However, many organisations still lack foundational practices to create value from AI.

Realising this, Skymind created Launchpad. Launchpad is a programme for companies to identify solutions from tech companies with new ideas or business models, develop new products/ technology designs and pilot the implementation plan.

The programme will provide the companies support of mentorship, technical assistance, talent development and capital investment.

Launchpad is part of SGVs’ stimulus programme, where we remove all the financial, operations and strategic barriers to growth faced by portfolio companies under our purview, clearing the way for rapid market expansion.

SGV has developed strong relationships with governments and listed companies in Southeast Asia and China. We leverage these relationships to accelerate the growth of the companies in our investment portfolio.

Data Driven – We connect our portfolio companies with enterprises that will benefit from their products, services, and solutions.

Results Orientated – We deploy a large partner network to funnel our portfolio companies through established distribution channels.

Research Led – We work directly with governments to develop new public programmes that help our companies, to craft regulations that benefit entrepreneurs, and to overall build health startup ecosystems that encourage and drive rapid growth.

Discover The Future

We are the world’s first dedicated AI ecosystem builder, enabling companies and organisations to develop their own AI applications and provide them with the tools to be innovators in their industry.