It all Began With The Passion For Innovation

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A Brief History

BACK IN 2014

At the end of 2014, Adam Gibson, the creator of DeepLearning4j co-founded US based Skymind Inc to provide support, consultation and to build custom AI solutions.

2015 saw positive moves including Tencent as first investor, early adoption of DL4j by Orange S.A. (formerly France Telecom S.A. In 2016), Skymind Inc incorporated a joint venture to address the Asian market, Skymind AI Ltd in Hong Kong, with Shawn Tan, as CEO and director, and Dr Goh Shuwei, as COO and director of Skymind AI Ltd.

Skymind Inc recently rebranded itself to Pathmind (announced 17 Dec 2019) and has pivoted away from supporting the Deeplearning4j Open Source community. However, Skymind AI Limited, remained committed to maintain and support the development of the Eclipse Deeplearning4j ecosystem.

Skymind AI Limited later consolidated its business. The two founders then set up offices across Europe and Asia to expand the business globally.

Adam Gibson then joined Shawn Tan and Dr Goh Shuwei in Skymind in order to continue Skymind’s original aspirations.

Skymind aims to grow and boost the AI ecosystem in Southeast Asia. By focusing on talent in the region. We strongly believe that Southeast Asia has the necessary talent to make it a hub for the global AI industry. By fostering and developing a scalable method to train and provide employment for AI talent in the region, we know that this will help the industry grow faster.

Earlier this year, Skymind via its venture arm, Skymind Global Venture (SGV), launched the investment fund to support the advancement of the AI ecosystem. The fund is valued at USD $800 million and comes from revenue generated through the Skymind ecosystem globally. The fund will back global businesses specialising in AI. It will also support independent research and university programmes focused on artificial intelligence.

The aim of the Skymind funds is to make its portfolio of venture backed companies profitable and to nurture the development of AI innovation around the world. Investment decisions for the fund will be made by the executive team based in Skymind’s London headquarters.

Skymind has identified 6 startups through the Skymind Launchpad programme in Q1 2020. We saw great talents from Malaysia, Singapore, China, USA, Japan and Australia and what’s really interesting is they are all ready to move and incubate their startups in Malaysia.

AI is a journey, not a destination

Timeline of Important Dates in Skymind History

Deeplearning4j suite of tools achieving a total of more than 20 millions downloads within a year.

December 2015
Enterprise users start adopting Deeplearning4j, including Orange Telco, Nasa, IBM, Cloudera, Walmart, Boeing, Goldman Sachs, Oracle, etc.
March 2016
October 2019

Konduit, a subsidiary of Skymind  is established to focus in supporting open source software

November 2019