AI Accelerator

Accelerate the growth of your business

The rapid growth and dynamic nature of AI and machine learning algorithms is spurring industry leaders to optimize their organization from top to bottom. However, AI accelerators require a deeper understanding of the data acquired to be processed and where it will be headed. As data flow and latency becomes more important, it’s system is becoming much more complex as well.

Here at Skymind, we can accelerate your business by providing AI accelerators that are specialized hardware designed to accelerate these basic machine learning computations and improve performance, reduce latency and reduce cost of deploying machine learning based applications.

Acceleration inspires innovation

Axon 3

  • CPU + GPU + VE
  • 3090 for Training
  • VE for Inference 
  • Workstation

Axon 9

  • 4 GPU + 4 VE
  • V100/A100 Training
  • 4 VE for Inference
  • Rack Server


Energy efficient
Lower latency leading to quicker response times
High levels of scalability

Edge Computing

Getting the edge in your industry

The potential of AI at the edge is vast. A rapidly emerging force, artificial intelligence (AI), is taking computing at the edge to a whole new level, in which insights and analysis are provided on the spot, in real time.

Skymind provides a holistic approach towards automating operations in terms of scalability, variability in edge environments. The addition of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at the edge can help prevent future issues, resulting in lesser downtime and higher return of income.

Why edge computing?

AI smart vending machine
Smart Advertising Vending Machine
recognizing car plate using AI
Car Plate Recognition System


Manage workloads effectively across all solutions
Deploy seamless solutions to all edge locations reliably and seamless
Leverage Skymind’s expertise to deliver edge-enabled applications

Industry 4.0

Gearing A.I. for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has been the template for many companies, specifically the manufacturing industry to manufacture, upscale and distribute their products. The common denominator towards streamlining their operations and technologies have been largely contributed by Artificial Intelligence. Through AI, significant innovations have been made such as increased automation, predictive analytics and self-optimization processes.

Skymind offers unyielding support in terms of design, application, hardware and software engineers as well as project managers, product managers, R&D and additional local resources. Our solution can help replace manual inspection with AI technology that reduces errors while improving performance and productivity.

Industry 4.0 concepts and technologies can be applied across all types of industrial companies, including discrete and process manufacturing, as well as oil and gas, mining and other industrial segments.

How can we help?


Cost reduction through predictive maintenance

Predicting life cycles by analysing machine/equipment health

Increased capacity by optimizing the production process

Improved quality control with actionable insights to raise product quality

Reduces manual tracking efforts

Improved Human-Robot collaboration and employee safety conditions to boost overall efficiency

Consumer-focused manufacturing enables quick response to market change and demand

Improved market value

Improved supply chain management through efficient inventory management

Protect worker safety through enhanced video surveillance

National Security

Keeping your nation secure through A.I. solutions

Artificial intelligence plays a key role in keeping nations secure around the world. Major countries are rushing to adopt AI into their defence system as it has the potential to support a number of global and local security initiatives, from cybersecurity to logistics and counter-terrorism.

At Skymind, we can help develop machine learning models that can help strengthen border security, monitor on-the-ground threats while assisting and executing a number of national security strategies.

How can Skymind strengthen your nation’s security

Body Worn Camera

  • Real-time image uploads  to control processing centre 
  • Location info sharing, track playback, SOS emergency report
  • File encryption
  • Group calls, audio and video recorder with LTE trunking terminal
  • One-click interface
  • Infrared night vision
  • Dual microphone for clear audio
  • 4G / 5G playback
  • 8 million pixels
  • 1080P recording
  • 8 hours of continuous shooting
  • Automatic license plate recognition
  • Biometric` facial recognition

Border Security

Ground sensors

Detect suspicious activity along the border and transmit activity reports to the Security control centre. Detects and alerts when a person (or animal, car or even a low-flying plane) is moving in the area.

Network of Nodes and Relays

Mesh networking protocol over 2.4GHz Low energy Networking protocol enables devices to communicate together without any infrastructure via multi hopping. Allows capturing of data without the need to install wires. Mesh networking usually is implemented by flooding the network. Our protocol utilizes swarm intelligence to detect the shortest path, saving over 90% of the communication power compared to traditional techniques.


Be at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

AIoT represents a new IoT infrastructure that helps solve more complex interpretations through analytical techniques, some of which some IoT systems are lacking. It helps apply intelligence to the edge and provides devices with the ability to observe data, the environment around them and carry out the necessary actions through minimal human intervention.

Through our solutions, AIoT devices will have more functionalities and move towards becoming intelligent machines capable of performing self-drive analytics and executing data drive actions independently.

Be the first to leverage AIoT

Agriculture & Environment

Monitor large plantation and environmental health without deploying networking or power infrastructure.

  • Greenhouse / Farm environment monitoring
  • Soil & water condition monitoring 
  • Automated irrigation / fertigation

Logistics & Operations

Reduce operation time and cost by having a real-time affordable tracking system on assets that can detect anomalies using AI.

  • Real-time asset information
  • Theft detection
  • Environment anomaly detection and alert

Condition Monitoring

Monitor, detect, analyse, and decide. Avoid unexpected downtime through predictive analysis.

  • Condition-based monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Precision monitoring and control


Monitor IoT systems and devices
Optimize digital transformation and operations
Create new business models and revenue opportunities