The world’s first dedicated AI ecosystem builder

Skymind is the pioneer of open-source Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Our deep-learning library Deeplearning4j (DL4J) is the first and most widely-used open-source deep-learning library for Java and Scala. Skymind collaborates with the open-source ecosystem through a range of projects that fuel AI innovation and adoption, the Skymind platform and other Skymind solutions.

Open-source AI gives every enterprise the freedom to experiment, innovate and solve problems with AI, without restriction. Open-source AI is long-living, since there is no risk of discontinuing open-source software code, and supports an open standard of security, flexibility and quality. This fuels the growth and advancement of deep learning and contributes to a brighter future for AI.


We develop community-built, open-source software that meets the needs (partially or fully) of our users.


We actively collaborate with open-source communities and contribute to projects within the AI ecosystem.


We support users who participate in open-source projects in a number of ways, from tech to capital.



Our involvement of open source software in AI Ecosystem

Open source development promotes stability, security, and innovation. By opening the code to widespread examination, more people take part in finding its bugs and security flaws, in testing for broad compatibility across platforms, and in providing new ideas.

We provide the tools and components that developers need to fuel their AI innovation.


We partner with the major open-source communities that are driving AI innovation, including Linux, Java, Kubernetes, Hadoop, Vert.x and more. We assist these communities by contributing code, helping with licensing, insisting on open governance and doing everything in our power to push AI technology forward.

In 2017, Skymind joined the Eclipse Foundation as a solution member contributing its machine-learning suite including Deeplearning4j, an open-source project for configuring and tuning deep neural networks.